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  • If' you'd been around when Elvis was starting out, Elvis wouldn't have stood a chance, man!

    James Brown
  • Danny Adler's Roogalator may be the future of Rock & Roll.

    Giovanni Dadomo
  • No I'm not upset that you're bootlegging our song (Everybody Dance). You're going to make me look cool !

    Nick Lowe
  • Danny Adler's amazing !!

    Ian "Stew" Stewart - Rolling Stones


Danny'sFeatured Releases

  • Xmas Dogs Number of tracks : 2

    Album Name: Xmas Dogs

    Composer: Danny Adler

    Release Date:

    Genre: Holiday


    1. Xmas Dogs

    2. Bricky Sunny Day

  • Funky Afternoons 1979 Number of tracks : 7

    Album Name: Funky Afternoons 1979

    Composer: Danny Adler

    Release Date:

    Genre: Blues/Rock


    1. Steamboat

    2. Steamboat Dub

    3. Rod’s Hat Shop

    4. Clean Up Person

    5. Winton Place

    6. Woodshed

    7. Thanks Chank

  • The DE LUXE Blues Band 1983 Number of tracks : 10

    Album Name: The DE LUXE Blues Band 1983

    Composer: Danny Adler

    Release Date:

    Genre: Blues/Rock


    1. Worried Life Blues

    2. Roll ‘Em Pete

    3. Promised Land

    4. Sweet Little Angel

    5. The Stumble

    6. Cadillac Boogie

    7. Knocking At Your Door

    8. Did You Ever Love A…

    9. Wait Baby

    10. It Wasn’t Me

  • John Peel Radio Shows BBC Number of tracks : 12

    Album Name: John Peel Radio Shows BBC


    Release Date:



    1. Ride With The Roogalator

    2. Tasty 2

    3. Cincinnati Fatback

    4. All Aboard

    5. Walkin’ In The…

    6. Sock It To My Pocket

    7. Stop Selling It

    8. Mind Breeding

    9. Sweet Mama Kundalini

    10. The Cleaner

    11. T.G.I.F.

    12. Ride With The Roogalator…

  • Danny Adler Band 2014 Number of tracks : 13

    Album Name: Danny Adler Band 2014

    Composer: Danny Adler

    Release Date: 2013/02/05

    Genre: Blues


    Danny Adler's new album entitled Band 2014 (DALP19 Masterworks Series) has been three years in the making. This is Danny's 44th album and his first newly recorded material since the release ofCoffee Day In Night Town (DALP18 Masterworks Series) in 2007.
    Danny is determined that this new album will truly reflect his continued growth and evolution while still displaying his unique identity with regard to his signature guitar style, bluesy songwriting and the group sound concept pioneered by his original band "Roogalator" of the 1970's.
    Since 2011 (thanks to BMG and iTunes), Danny has produced and uploaded 25 well received albums for
    his DA Legacy series consisting of personal archive material dating from 1963 to 1990's. Strange as it may seem, these apparent antiquities aptly demonstrate Danny's track record in collaboration with the likes of; Charlie Watts, Jack Bruce, Ian Stewart, Nick Lowe, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Micky Waller, Mike Vernon, Glyn Johns and Dave Van Ronk. Danny Adler may not be as well known as some of his more famous associates, but this new album is a very, very special expression of his life experience. Enjoy!


    1. Big Women In Memphis… 4:35

    2. Tim (Adler) 2:21

    3. Illinois Trains (Adler) 4:27

    4. Ruby (Roenheld/Parrish) 5:35

    5. Anytime, Anyplace,… 3:42

    6. Let Me Come Back Home… 3:27

    7. Come On Down To Earth… 6:18

    8. Georgia Lee (Adler) 4:23

    9. She Said She Said… 5:05

    10. Political Dancing Part 1… 3:45

    11. Political Dancing Part 2… 2:34

    12. Come On Down To Earth… 6:21

    13. Pink Hot Rod (Adler) 3:19

  • Last Session On Brewster Number of tracks : 19

    Album Name: Last Session On Brewster

    Composer: Danny Adler

    Release Date: 2015/05/28

    Genre: Blues


    Danny Adler over the years, has worked in such exotic meccas as; London's Abbey Road II, Decca, Olympic, Marble Arch, Regent Sound and Apple where Danny met George Harrison and Mal Evans in 1973. Then there were sessions in NYC's Record Plant, Electric Ladyland, Nola, Plaza Sound and for Bobby Robinson up in Harlem.
    Danny also made pilgrimages to visit Hi, Stax and Sun in Memphis and Norman Petty's studio in Clovis, N.M. Although he didn't record there, he had the privilege of performing a few songs at Chicago's famous Chess 2120 Michigan Avenue studio which is now The Home of the Blues museum. But dearest to Danny's heart is the old King Studios in Cincinnati, OH situated on Brewster Ave. about a mile from where he grew up. As of this writing the building still exists albeit in extremely run down condition. This studio hosted such influentail artists as James Brown, Hank Ballard (The Twist), Wynonie Harris, Roy Brown, Bill Doggett, The Five Royales and Lonnie Johnson. Danny auditioned there and visited the studio on numerous occasions and had many friends and associates who recorded at King, but never got to do so himself. As time went by and the building began to deteriorate, Danny decided that the time had come. In 2012, while in sessions for DALP 19 with engineer Bill Gwynne at nearby Ultra Suede Studios, Danny found that he could actually gain access to the old King building, and the Last Session On Brewster project was born. Danny had the sensation that he was a vehicle, channelling and blending his story with that of the men he admired who had encouraged and befriended him, men such as James Brown, Johnny Tanner of the Five Royales saying, "Yeah, WORK, do it baby, but you better get it right!" Sometime before 7 PM, the shadows and the evening chill began to descend. Bill and Dan hastily packed and loaded up not wishing to overstay their  welcome from the Spirits.
    After final editing, Danny was inspired to write the theme song, The Last Session On Brewster. Enjoy!


    1. Last Session On Brewster…

    2. Please Come Home For…

    3. Say It (Pauling)

    4. Smile At The Sundial…

    5. Cold Sweat…

    6. Tomorrow Night…

    7. Harlem Nocturne…

    8. Where Were You?…

    9. I Better Make A Move…

    10. Hey J.B. (Adler)

    11. Mr. Russell (Adler)

    12. Think (Pauling)

    13. Thrill On The Hill…

    14. Cincinnati Fatback…

    15. Cincinnati Daddy…

    16. Just Us (Adler/Givens)

    17. My Baby Got Everything…

    18. All Aboard !! (Adler)

    19. Trespassin’…

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Danny Adler & the BandArtists

  • Danny Adler

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Danny AdlerNick Name: RoogalatorBirth Date: 1987/11/22Place Of Birth: London , EnglandOccupation: Electronic music

    Best Known For

    Stunningly original guitar work and song writing.


    Danny Adler's music, alias Roogalator, alias Gusha-Gusha Music is Rhythm & Blues, Rock, Funk, Jazz passionately mixed with night railroad rhythms.

    Tim Brown

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: Tim BrownNick Name: TimBirth Date: 1959/02/25Place Of Birth: Cincinnati, OhioOccupation: Construction

    Best Known For

    Drumming with that certain indestructible Roogalator feel, and a keeping a cheerful atmosphere at all times with the band.


    Tim's salt of the earth approach to life energizes all around him. To know him is to love him.

    John Fox

    Quick Facts

    Full Name: John FoxNick Name: Johnny "The Fox"Birth Date: 1951/12/10Place Of Birth: Cincinnati, OhioOccupation: Marketing

    Best Known For

    John is a great all round musician and drives the bass with a funky soulful enthusiasm,


    A very quick study and always fun to be around in the studio and on stage.

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